Haruki Murakami – 1Q84, volume III

The final character and concept chart for 1Q84 is below.  Most noticeable about this one is the addition of a new branch from the title—Ushikawa gets his own distinct branch as the third volume does not alternate between Aomame and Tengo, but cycles through Ushikawa, Aomame, and Tengo until the final chapter.

This addition is necessary in order to show the investigative aspect of the final events, but there are drawbacks.  With three separate narratives running, the narrator rather quickly loses track of their relation to each other as each character’s story is told, each episode confined to the pre-determined chapter length limit.  As a result, events are related out of order and, rather than giving the effect that this was intentional, it comes off as rather clumsy.  Instead of being Pulp Fiction or 21 Grams, it’s more like a child’s ghost story or a poorly-told joke. Continue reading