Haruki Murakami – 1Q84, volume I

Below you’ll find the character, concept, and image chart I’ve made for the first volume of this three volume novel.  Apologies for the lack of notes and page numbers, this is due to technical restrictions with the software I’m using.

As the novel alternates between chapters that follow the two main characters, Aomame and Tengo, each character’s narrative has its own collection of characters and images that branch off from their name.  Aomame’s branches are blue, Tengo’s are yellow, and when an item becomes cross-referenced by being mentioned in both, I change the branch to green and connect the two with an arrow.  (The different-colored connection arrows are only changed for aesthetic reasons; there’s no special meaning attached to the purple arrows as opposed to the blue ones.)

Note that the two characters are also linked, not only by the novel’s title in the center, but also by the fact that each character has remembered the other, independently and albeit anonymously, so far.


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