Actually, That’s a Great Point

I was teaching some of my students the days of the week today—this class is way behind schedule—and without thinking, I wrote out the days in the American order, starting with Sunday.  One of the students asked (in Georgian) why I listed them in this order, when the book clearly started with Monday and grouped Saturday and Sunday together.

I answered that this was the American custom, but since they’re in Europe and their books teach British English, I erased “Sunday” and moved it to the bottom of the list.  I explained that was just what I was used to because that’s how it’s done in America.

Another student asked (also in Georgian; I’m paraphrasing my assistant’s translation), “But why do you start the week with the day of rest?  Shouldn’t that be at the end of the week?”

It was the best argument I’ve ever heard against the American custom, and I didn’t have an answer.

Stupid Americans.

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