Georgian Strays

One issue here in Georgia about which we were warned during orientation is the stray dog problem.  It was really a bewildering sight to see on the first day’s walking tour of Tbilisi: I’ve lived in a far bigger city nearly all of my life and during that time, I only recall seeing a single stray dog.

When I asked why nothing is being done about the stray dog problem, the question was brushed off as a waste of time and resources, “because we have a lot of homeless people in Georgia.”  While it’s undeniably true that homelessness is a more pressing issue, solving that problem is really more of a long-term endeavor than rounding up and fixing a bunch of strays.

Hiring a number of unemployed people as dog-catchers could also help allieviate the unemployment problem in Georgia.  It creates a bunch of jobs in addition to the actual dog-catchers: vets, humane societies, pet supply markets.  Not to mention it gets these poor animals off the hot streets and protects people from maybe being attacked by them.

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